ANO "National Center for PPP" is an expert organization for PPP promotion in Russia. Its primary founder is the State Development Corporation VEB.RF. The Center is continuously in contact with the federal authorities, development institutions and subnational authorities. The Center provides market actors with the up-to-date analytics, educates project teams on the PPP-related matters, supports preparation and launch of new PPP projects. To raise the quality of infrastructure projects, and the efficiency of PPP market participants' communication, the Center's ROSINFRA digital platform has been launched.

Development milestones

2009 year

At the initiative of market actors, the non-profit partnership “Center for PPP Development” was established

2010 year

Experts of the Center started the preparation of the federal law on PPP

2011 year

The Center started the systemic training of personnel in PPP-related matters

2012 year

The first in Russia database of PPP projects was published

2013 year

Rating of the Russian regions’ PPP development was launched based on the original methodology

2014 year

The first Russian PPP Week was organized, and the regions` PPP-standard was developed

2015 year

The World Bank acknowledged the Center as the dedicated PPP unit of Russia

2016 year

Over 1 000 Russian PPP projects are present in the Center’s database

2017 year

Jointly with the Federation Council, the Programme of Project Proposals Support was launched

2018 year

The Center launched “ROSINFRA”, the platform in support of infrastructure projects

2019 year

The State Development Corporation VEB.RF became one of the Center’s founders

2020 year

Jointly with VEB.RF, an anti-crisis program for PPP projects management was launched

2021 year

The Digital Project Office launched on the ROSINFRA